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About Me

My name is Shaimaa. Pronounced SHAME-UH. My high school science teacher used to always say ShameOnYou so that’s a way to remember it. I am so happy you’re here and I really do hope that you love what you’re seeing. I’m a mom of two kids and a wife to my third child. Just kidding. My husband is the best.

We met at the University of Houston because he was my chemistry tutor and are now married for almost ten years!! He’s actually the reason I am now a wedding photographer. When he was in medical school, I was really tired of driving daily in Houston traffic for an 8-5 job in the healthcare field. So, one day he told me “Why don’t you pursue photography?” And I replied back with “no one will book me.” And here I am. Almost 6 years later photographing about 30 weddings a year because he believed in me.

It’s a love story, baby just say yes!

My wedding Day Favorites

first look

fresh flowers

first dance

take the leap!