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Kanza & Omar

Some weddings are special because they happen on a beautiful day, or at a beautiful venue, and others are special simply because they involve a deserving couple’s beautiful love story. Kanza and Omar’s wedding reception was one of my favorite events (so far) of 2019, not because of the soft, pastel color scheme or the beautiful florals, but because they’re a couple that remind me of why I love my job. Their religious ceremony in December was a simple but elegant affair at the masjid, and I knew then, when I took their first look photos, that they were a couple truly in love. After months of waiting, they had their reception in March, surrounded by family and friends, lots of love and prayers, and a happiness that was contagious. Kanza wore an ethereal, pastel green dress with intricate brocade in hues of pastel pink and lavender. Her jewelry was the perfect balance of gold and pearls, giving her already stunning look a level of classic sophistication fit for royalty. Omar’s charcoal grey suit and lavender shirt complemented her outfit perfectly, and their portraits, taken under a canopy of oak trees, were simply breathtaking. But even more beautiful than their wedding clothes were their smiles through it all, infectious and genuine. I had a blast taking their photos, watching them twirl and dance and laugh with each other, (and more important, at each other!) Interesting story about Kanza and Omar, their families are long-time friends, and they’ve known each other since they were babies!They even have adorable childhood pics together (which were printed and displayed at the wedding) to prove it! Their story reminds me of fate—of how God plans our lives better than we could have ever planned them ourselves. The night was complete with heart warming speeches, hilarious roasts, and surprising little anecdotes that helped the guests learn more about the couple. One of my favorite things about the wedding was all the personal touches from Kanza’s younger (and very talented) sisters, who painted detailed water-color invitations, complete with calligraphy, for my detail shots. Her sister also baked a colorful tart shaped into their initials, topped with delicious cream and fresh florals. All the Game of Thrones fans in attendance enjoyed the couple’s romantic cake topper, which read “Moon of my life, my sun and my stars.” The night ended with a romantic sparkler exit and a happily ever after (God willing!). Congratulations Kanza and Omar, wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together. 

Reham & Abdullah

Where do I even begin? This engagement session was a photographer’s dream. From the beginning, Reham trusted me with choosing her outfits, the locations, and the timing. What else can a photographer ask for?? They were so fun and laid back that it made my job so easy. The first location we went to (Glassel School of Art) was pretty much just simple grey stairs. So of course she needed to be wearing a bold color. And that mustard yellow dress was the perfect choice for it. Shooting in harsh light is always a challenge. The stairs had very inconsistent light and shadows everywhere because it is indoors with glass window light around certain parts. And not to mention all the random strangers sitting scattered among the stairs who weren’t moving anytime soon. So it took a little bit of time to figure out all the right angles and position them properly, but they were so patient with me (thank you, R&A!!!). The photos came out a little bit different than my normal style but I absolutely love them. We then walked down the street and took some photos at Herman park. As you can see, the sun is glowing so perfectly in those images. Unfortunately, that gave us less time with their floral outfit so we rescheduled for part 2 of the session for the following week and I was so grateful our schedules worked out so well because not only was I get lucky to have fun with them once but now I get to photograph them twice! The second part of the session was even dreamier than first. I absolutely loved their matching floral outfit and was so glad we had a chance to do a cozy winter rooftop session. Obsessed is an understatement when it comes to these two. I think I had so much fun with them because they remind me of me and my husband. When Reham was describing how her and Abdullah met, she mentioned how he was a “shy kid” at first and she’s the social-hyper one and that pretty much sums up my relationship with Khaled. There’s so much love between these two and I pray that it only keeps growing. Reham and Abdullah-thank you so much for being so easy going and I can not wait til your wedding day!!

Olivia & Farhan

I can tell a lot about a couple and what to expect from their wedding based on my first few interactions with them. And from the day I met Olivia and Farhan, I knew their wedding wasn’t going to be anything short of beautiful. They are the most easy going and patient people, which made them wonderful clients!When we planned their engagement session, we decided to have the shoot at a cute, local  coffee shop. But when we got there, we realized the coffee shop had been closed and replaced by a different establishment! Can you imagine how stressful it would be to get to your engagement shoot and realize the location you had in mind no longer existed?? Instead of freaking out, they just went with the flow and trusted me to photograph them in the middle of the streets of downtown Houston! Their flexibility and trust made the entire experience less stressful for all of us. I knew then that no matter what curveballs their wedding day threw at them, they’d make the best of it. Fast forward 8 months, and it was finally time for their big day! Olivia is Hispanic and Farhan is south Asian, so they incorporated both cultures into their beautiful interracial weddings. They had a traditional ceremony where Olivia wore a romantic lace, almond-color dress and Farhan matched her in his crisp white tux.  During the reception, they changed into traditional Pakistani wedding attire, and they definitely rocked both looks. Their night was full of laughter and tears. They cut their stunning cake, watched their friends and family perform choreographed dances, and were even surprised with an adorable dance skit about how they met, which left Olivia in tears. Olivia and Farhan, if your wedding day is any indication of your future together, I know you’ll have a beautiful and happy marriage. Thank you letting me be a part of it.


Reception| The Bougainvilleas

Decorator|  KAS Inspiration

Dress store| CocoMelody

Tux/Suit Store| Men’s Wearhouse

Makeup Artist:| GlamTeamUSA

DJ| Dhol Beat International

Cake| Supreme Kakes

Videographer| Videographic Productions

Florist| Bella Dia Floral

Planner| Rasha Shammaa

Caterer| Mezban

Shefa & Emir


When I got an email from a bride named Shyema last year, I thought for sure that it was a prank. It was the first time someone emailed me about a wedding outside of Texas, and the bride just happened to have the same name as me?? Seemed a little fishy. But once I spoke to Shyema and she explained that she had entrusted her younger sister, Shefa, with the task of finding her wedding photographer, things fell into place quickly. Shefa always had an interest in photography, so Shyema trusted her recommendation and booked me right away. I was able to capture Shyema’s beautiful wedding and had the honor of getting to know her family of SIX sisters and TWO brothers. Fast forward to 2018 and guess who’s getting married?? SHEFA!!! And the minute she finalized her date, she messaged me to ask if I’d shoot her wedding too! And of course I said yes! Not only did I get to be a part of Shyema’s big day, but also Shefa’s, and I JUST booked my ticket for sister #3’s wedding in October!!  All thanks to Instagram! Since Shefa is interested in photography, she had lots of ideas for her wedding portraits. To make my job even easier, she gave me a tour of her venue the day before the wedding and we planned where to take all the pictures! And on the day of the wedding, she graciously arranged all of her accessories for me to take detail pictures. Shefa was a radiant bride. Her romantic lace gown was complemented by the stunning venue, complete with a gorgeous, spiraling white staircase, a cute little gazebo, and tons of green foliage and vines. The venue was perfect for the romantic portraits Shefa envisioned for her wedding day. Unfortunately I can’t share all the stunning pictures because many of the pictures are of Shefa without her hijab (headscarf). Many of my brides who wear hijab miss out on photos without their headscarf because their venues don’t offer the privacy we need for the photos. But Shefa’s venue was not only stunning, but incredibly accommodating. Shefa’s wedding coordinator made sure that we had all the privacy we needed during the day to take their portraits around the venue. It was nice to see a wedding venue and their staff so committed to the bride’s unique needs. And while the venue was so accommodating for Shefa, Emir had a little fun playing pool in the game room. The reception began with the traditional Palestinian zaffah followed by traditional Bosnian dances. It was a night full of love, laughter, and family, and I was honored to be a part of it all. Due to privacy I can’t post all the pics of the reception but here are a few y’all can enjoy! Shefa & Emir, thank you so much for having me!



Reception| The Estate at Florentine Gardens. Rivervale, NJ
Decorator| Premier Events by Reema 
Dress store| RK Bridal 
Tux/Suit Store| The Suit Store
Makeup Artist:| Nesreen Hamdeh 
DJ| Zainab Elbarrad
Cake| Palermo’s Bakery
Invitations| Zazzle



Lama & Ahmed

Lakeway Resort & Spa| Austin, Texas

This was it. This was the wedding I’d been dreaming about. And it wasn’t even my own. Lama and Ahmed’s wedding was special to me for so many reasons. Since February, every weekend I’ve had has been consumed with shooting weddings, and I felt my creativity and inspiration beginning to wane. But this wedding was exactly what I needed to remind me why I love what I do. It rekindled the fire that I feared was slowly dying after months of endless weddings and editing. Throughout the wedding planning, Lama consulted me for ideas and feedback about decisions for her big day: what type of lights would work best with the decor, did this style of makeup complement her classic dress? Helping her make these decisions made me feel like we’d already been good friends for years, and thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who felt this connection, Lama did too! We clicked almost instantly, and it made working with her all the more enjoyable. Lama made a beautiful bride (I have a major girl crush on her! And who could blame me??), and I wasn’t the only one to think so…Ahmed was moved to tears at the sight of her, and the pictures don’t do justice to how beautiful and intimate that moment was. Lama had been dying to do a first look photo shoot after she read about the perks of having a first look in my bridal guide. Ahmed needed a little convincing from the both of us, but he finally agreed, and thank God for that, because the pictures were absolutely magnificent. However, we did run into a little tiny bump. After setting up Ahmed for the first look and letting him know his cue to turn around is when she calls out his name-Lama was just so excited that before I got the chance to tell her the plan- she shouted his name across the pathway and Ahmed quickly turned around because he couldn’t wait any longer to see his bride. Although it didn’t go exactly as planned I think the photos still turned out magical and I hope that they’ll look back on those first look pictures years and years from now and still feel the same rush of emotions that they so clearly did on their beautiful wedding day. Everything about their wedding, from the venue to the ring, was romantic and sentimental. Their romantic wedding venue overlooked Lake Travis, their invitations were hand-made for each guest by his sister, and Lama’s ring was carefully picked out by Ahmed’s mom 30+ years ago, as she dreamed about this joyous day. And of course, Lama was a simply stunning bride. She beamed with happiness the entire night, and Ahmed couldn’t keep his eyes off her. They looked at each other with so much love, it filled my heart with joy. It was clear that all the guests had a wonderful time, and if you don’t believe me, just take a look at the pictures! Everyone was smiling from ear to ear and their laughter was visible all night. Lama and Ahmed- thank you so much for giving me the honor of getting to know you and photograph your special day.



Reception Location | LAKEWAY SPA & RESORT


Linens | MONARCH


Wedding Coordinator | MRS.PLANNER

Make up Artist | MAKEUP BY OLA


Videographer | YOURS TRULY MEDIA

Invitations | AHMED’S SISTER


Hofmann Ranch| San Antonio, Texas

As a photographer, nothing makes me happier than having clients (especially brides!) who are as excited about the wedding details as I am. And when Lojain booked with me, I knew she was going to be one of those special brides. She was so excited to share details about the wedding with me, which made me all the more eager to shoot her big day. Before the wedding, she sent me photos of her customized Turkish wedding dress, mailed me an elegant wedding invitation with a classic wax seal, and filled me in on all the details of her beautiful venue: a rustic indoor/outdoor. Ranch weddings are pretty atypical in Arab culture, but I guess Lojain and Jamal aren’t your typical Arab couple either. Lojain is half Palestinian half Jordanian, and Jamal is half Hispanic half Turkish. Their beautifully mixed cultures were apparent in many of the wedding festivities, from the sweet entrance to the lively dancing and the wonderful mix of cross-cultural music. It was beautiful to see their individual cultures represented in this memorable wedding. Lojain and her sisters and friends did all the decor and floral arrangements themselves. The blush pink and olive green tones were beautifully incorporated in their rustic barn wedding. Like I said, I’m a sucker for details and the beautiful florals in this wedding served as picturesque props for all my detail photos. Speaking of detail photos, I was so grateful and impressed with how easy Lojain made my job for me on her wedding day! When I arrived, she had everything ready for me so I could take the detail photos without having to scramble to find the bouquet or shoes or jewelry. It was a thoughtful gesture and made my life so much easier, as I’m usually running around trying to find everything I need for my perfect shot. This day was extra special to Jamal because it was also his parents wedding anniversary. He surprised them with a small matching cake at the wedding to celebrate their love story along with his and Lojain’s new beginning. After the first dance, Lojain surprised us all with a sparkling second dress. She slipped out of her heels and into a pair of adorable Kate Spade (RIP) shoes. And just like that, she was ready to dance the night away. The magical night ended with a classic sparkler exit and a happily ever after. Congratulations Lojain and Jamal! Wish y’all nothing but happiness on your journey (especially with medicine!!).



Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove On Earth| Grapevine Dallas, Texas

Would you believe me if I told you this wedding was shot in Texas? Yes, dry, flat, boring Texas… Believe it or not, it’s true! This glorious state never fails to surprise me. This venue is called Paradise Cove, and with its stunning lake views and lush green lawns, it definitely lives up to its name. Mustafa told me that when he was searching for a venue, he had two criteria in mind: somewhere outdoors and with a lake view. This Texas gem was perfect for his romantic lakeside vision, and it was a photographer’s dream come true! Farhana’s pastel pink outfit perfectly complimented the blue hues of the lake, which served as a stunning backdrop for the wedding. Mustafa chose a handsome light blue suit to compliment her flared pastel pink gown. Baby pink roses were intertwined with green leaves to accent the bride and groom’s picturesque colors all over the venue. And want to know a little secret? I found extra flowers left over from an event that took place the day before and used them to make a beautifully matching bouquet for Farhana. The makeshift bouquet added an extra pop of color and class to the event and the detail photos. The bouquet matched so well that no one even knew it was a last-minute addition to the bride’s look! The venue itself was full of beautiful spring blooms, adding a whimsical touch to the wedding. Between the beautiful pastel colors, gorgeous lakeside views, and the candid laughter and love, this wedding was a dream. Outdoor ceremonies are rare in the south Asian wedding industry, and I’m so lucky to have been a part of this unique and memorable day. Congratulations Mustafa & Farhana!

Reception Location | PARADISE COVE

Decorator | FAIZA


Wedding Coordinator | KI WEDDINGS

Make up Artist | POOJA



Invitations | VISTAPRINT

The Little Prince

I am so excited to share this post with y’all! Doing engagement shoots is always so much fun because I get to have some one-on-one time with the couple before the big day and just take all the pretty shots without feeling stressed or rushed. But when Elham texted me and told me she wanted to take her pictures at Ransom Canyon, I was even more thrilled! She had a vision in mind and this place fit perfectly. Elham and Alex’s favorite book is The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. In the book, the little prince is dressed the way Alex is and Elham symbolizes the rose with her bold red dress! After I sent them the gallery, Elham texted me their Knot wedding website and she had a link where she put matching captions to each photo and it took me a minute to actual believe that these are MY photos. The storyline and the photos went so well! Can not wait for their wedding!


“I wonder,” he said, “whether the stars are set alight in heaven so that one day each one of us may find his own again…

Cotton you feel the love?

Hey y’all!

So I recently moved to West Texas and if you know anything about West Texas you know it’s pretty much all flat lands! But, that can be an amazing thing! Because these flat lands grow all kinds of beautiful things. One of them being cotton! Yess! When you drive by these cotton fields, it looks like a field of snow and it’s so etheral. And it makes for a great place to take some engagement pictures! Last weekend I got the chance to take pictures of Nica and Ryan at one of these fields.

Nica and Ryan also recently moved to Lubbock because Ryan matched into the Texas Tech family medicine program with my husband. The cute couple met back in college in New Mexico and have been together for about 7 years and just recently in May- Ryan proposed! Nica told me that it wasn’t much of a surprise because Ryan is pretty bad at keeping secrets-something else Ryan has in common with my husband haha. But hey! When you know, you just know! 

Hope y’all enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them! Be sure to click on a picture to see the full size.

It’s fall y’all!

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by. This is actually my first blog post ever so please bear with me while I get the hang of all this.

It took me a while to think of which wedding or photoshoot to blog first but I thought what better way to start it off other than a fall themed shoot!?  I met Mondana while I worked at a pediatrician office a little while back and we still keep in touch via social media. Last year, I was itching to photograph a fall theme shoot and Mondy was down to play along!

Mondy and Marco have been dating for a little over two years now and they’re just the cutest! We shot this at my absolute favorite spot in Houston. I love this park so much because there are so many various and different places to shoot at all within walking distance. There are bridges, swings, water, trees- and the best part?? NO DISTRACTIONS! Yes! That’s a photographer’s dream because that means less time spent removing random objects and people from the background and more time focusing on the couple! Win-win!

I hope these pictures make you want to snuggle in a blanket and drink some hot chocolate with a friend or a loved one because I’m off to do just that! I’m absolutely loving this fall weather and the crisp breeze outside. Have a blessed day everyone!

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