Lama & Ahmed

Lama & Ahmed

Lakeway Resort & Spa| Austin, Texas

This was it. This was the wedding I’d been dreaming about. And it wasn’t even my own. Lama and Ahmed’s wedding was special to me for so many reasons. Since February, every weekend I’ve had has been consumed with shooting weddings, and I felt my creativity and inspiration beginning to wane. But this wedding was exactly what I needed to remind me why I love what I do. It rekindled the fire that I feared was slowly dying after months of endless weddings and editing. Throughout the wedding planning, Lama consulted me for ideas and feedback about decisions for her big day: what type of lights would work best with the decor, did this style of makeup complement her classic dress? Helping her make these decisions made me feel like we’d already been good friends for years, and thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who felt this connection, Lama did too! We clicked almost instantly, and it made working with her all the more enjoyable. Lama made a beautiful bride (I have a major girl crush on her! And who could blame me??), and I wasn’t the only one to think so…Ahmed was moved to tears at the sight of her, and the pictures don’t do justice to how beautiful and intimate that moment was. Lama had been dying to do a first look photo shoot after she read about the perks of having a first look in my bridal guide. Ahmed needed a little convincing from the both of us, but he finally agreed, and thank God for that, because the pictures were absolutely magnificent. However, we did run into a little tiny bump. After setting up Ahmed for the first look and letting him know his cue to turn around is when she calls out his name-Lama was just so excited that before I got the chance to tell her the plan- she shouted his name across the pathway and Ahmed quickly turned around because he couldn’t wait any longer to see his bride. Although it didn’t go exactly as planned I think the photos still turned out magical and I hope that they’ll look back on those first look pictures years and years from now and still feel the same rush of emotions that they so clearly did on their beautiful wedding day. Everything about their wedding, from the venue to the ring, was romantic and sentimental. Their romantic wedding venue overlooked Lake Travis, their invitations were hand-made for each guest by his sister, and Lama’s ring was carefully picked out by Ahmed’s mom 30+ years ago, as she dreamed about this joyous day. And of course, Lama was a simply stunning bride. She beamed with happiness the entire night, and Ahmed couldn’t keep his eyes off her. They looked at each other with so much love, it filled my heart with joy. It was clear that all the guests had a wonderful time, and if you don’t believe me, just take a look at the pictures! Everyone was smiling from ear to ear and their laughter was visible all night. Lama and Ahmed- thank you so much for giving me the honor of getting to know you and photograph your special day.



Reception Location | LAKEWAY SPA & RESORT


Linens | MONARCH


Wedding Coordinator | MRS.PLANNER

Make up Artist | MAKEUP BY OLA


Videographer | YOURS TRULY MEDIA

Invitations | AHMED’S SISTER

Shaimaa Eissa
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