Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove

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Paradise Cove On Earth| Grapevine Dallas, Texas

Would you believe me if I told you this wedding was shot in Texas? Yes, dry, flat, boring Texas… Believe it or not, it’s true! This glorious state never fails to surprise me. This venue is called Paradise Cove, and with its stunning lake views and lush green lawns, it definitely lives up to its name. Mustafa told me that when he was searching for a venue, he had two criteria in mind: somewhere outdoors and with a lake view. This Texas gem was perfect for his romantic lakeside vision, and it was a photographer’s dream come true! Farhana’s pastel pink outfit perfectly complimented the blue hues of the lake, which served as a stunning backdrop for the wedding. Mustafa chose a handsome light blue suit to compliment her flared pastel pink gown. Baby pink roses were intertwined with green leaves to accent the bride and groom’s picturesque colors all over the venue. And want to know a little secret? I found extra flowers left over from an event that took place the day before and used them to make a beautifully matching bouquet for Farhana. The makeshift bouquet added an extra pop of color and class to the event and the detail photos. The bouquet matched so well that no one even knew it was a last-minute addition to the bride’s look! The venue itself was full of beautiful spring blooms, adding a whimsical touch to the wedding. Between the beautiful pastel colors, gorgeous lakeside views, and the candid laughter and love, this wedding was a dream. Outdoor ceremonies are rare in the south Asian wedding industry, and I’m so lucky to have been a part of this unique and memorable day. Congratulations Mustafa & Farhana!

Reception Location | PARADISE COVE

Decorator | FAIZA


Wedding Coordinator | KI WEDDINGS

Make up Artist | POOJA



Invitations | VISTAPRINT


Shaimaa Eissa
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